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🏃 Training App

Training Log

Trackster includes a complete training log with routes, shoes, images, results & more

Teams & clubs

Runners can create and join teams for their HS, college, club or unofficial squads. You can also subscribe to other teams to follow their training


Chat with groups or individual runners about upcoming workouts, training gossip or just send a GIF!

Training plans

Coaches can create plans, runners can search for coaching and they both can see their schedule on a weekly or daily basis


Athletes and coaches can view complete analysis and statistics of all of their personal and team training data.

& more !!

At Trackster we are always grinding to add features and improve the user experience. Stay tuned to see what we add next!

⏱ Stopwatch App

Volume buttons

The Trackster stopwatch gives the feel of a regular stopwatch because it works just by clicking up/down on the volume buttons.

Log integration

Results from the Trackster stopwatch can be viewed, edited, and used in the main Trackster training app after they're recorded

Tag athletes

Athletes can be tagged to splits and times so they can see their splits the second they finish their session.

Multiple sessions

Multiple groups need to be timed at once? Not a problem. Just add a new session to the stopwatch and swipe between color coded timers as you want.


The Trackster stopwatch will record the weather stats during your session.

Session pictures

Pictures can be taken mid-timing session and are stamped with a split to save epic moments

Runners Who Trackster

  • "Trackster is an incredible platform. Their stopwatch changed the way we practice and our athletes are hooked on the logging community." -
    Coach Andy Powell

    University of Oregon

  • "Trackster allows athletes to feel connected to not only their own training and journey toward their dreams but also to all of the dreams of their friends, teammates and peers" -
    Parker Stinson

    1:02:38 Half Marathon PR; SAUCONY

  • "Our girls team is using Trackster and loving it! It meets our needs perfectly" -
    Coach Kate Bucknam

    Belmont University

  • "Trackster has everything we need as an XC/Track club. There is seriously nothing else like it." -
    Liam Rodgers