• Create a Stripe account & authorize with Trackster. Then, begin selling programs and use your Stripe account to...

    • Manage your payments
    • Distribute refunds
    • View reports

    Return to this page and follow these directions on the new window


    2. Simply enter your personal information for business fields.

    (Ignore Employer Identification Number (EIN))

    3. If you have a personal website for coaching, put it here. Otherwise, use www.trackster.us

    4. Enter this information about yourself. Recommended job title: Trackster Coach

    5. This information is to connect your Stripe account to your bank - your money will go directly to you.

    6. Stripe makes it super easy to collect, refund and manage your payments. Coach on your terms, for real cash.

  • If you ever have any trouble, questions or concerns please hit us up



    Team Trackster