Trackster is the ultimate running app. The purpose of this web page is to give an overview of each feature on the Trackster platform and how you can use each one.

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Training Log #back to top

Logging runs is one of the most important things both teams and individuals can do to improve their running careers. By keeping accurate records of your progress, it becomes easier to make goals for yourself. It also might give insight into what your strengths are and what you need to work on. Logging runs in a team environment can be great for camraderie and it can give coaches valuable information concerning the health of their team. And perhaps most importantly, logging runs is fun. Looking back on how far you've come can be one of the greatest motivators for future success.

Creating a training post

Trackster makes logging runs easy!

• Just press the "+ Create post" button at the top of the Home page.
• Enter distance, time, effort level & a description.


Run with your iPhone and record the session with the GPS feature. Click the 🏃‍♂️ icon on the Home page.

• You can also connect Garmin, Polar & Apple Watch devices


All posts on Trackster can be set to 'Everyone', 'Team' or 'Me' only.

You can change your default privacy in the Settings of Trackster


You can attach some extra items to your Trackster post, including...

• Image & video
• Shoes
• Routes
• Results
• Tagged athletes
• GPS activites


Pull down while logging on the Trackster app to include an inspirational sports quote with your post.

• You can set daily reminders to post in Settings, too.

Trackster was built with teams, clubs and running groups in mind. Teams that log runs together have an easier time holding each other accountable. It's fun to see where your teammates are at, and it's even more fun to see how far they have come from where they started.

Joining a Team

The 🏆 tab of the Trackster app will bring you to the Team page.

• From here, just search for the name of a team, tap it, and select "Join team."
• Most teams require a password to join, so just ask your coach what you should enter. Once you join a team, you can visit the team page to view the logs of everyone on the team.

Creating a Team

The 🏆 tab of the Trackster app will bring you to the Team page.

• Click "+ Create team" button and enter your team name, logo, header pic, PIN, managers, location and color theme.


The coach of a team can use the Trackster app to record attendance.

• Tap 'Attendance' from the team profile and click '+ Create new'.
• The Attendance features is yet another way that all of your team's needs are served by Trackster.

Team Group Chat

All teams on Trackster automatically have a team group chat built in.

• Tap the ✉️ icon from the team profile or your personal profile to view conversations
• The Team Group Chat features is yet another way that all of your team's needs are served by Trackster.

Leaving/Deleting a Team

If you want to leave a team, tap the ••• in the top right corner of a team's page. Here, you will be given the option to leave the team. If you are the owner of the team you are trying to leave, you will instead be given the option to delete the team.

If you are a new runner that doesn't know where to begin or an experienced runner looking for more structure in your training, then Trackster training plans are the solution you are looking for. Coaches and runners can also make their own training plans to share with others - and sell for a profit. Even if you are running on your own, you can still make your own plan to keep yourself accountable.

Finding Plans

The 📅 tab of the Trackster app will bring you to the plans page.

• Tap "Search plans" to reach the list of available plans. From here you can also search the name of a plan (or its coach) using the search bar a the top of the screen.
• By default plans are available for free, but some plans created by pro runners / elite coaches must be purchased.

Creating a Plan

The 📅 tab of the Trackster app will bring you to the plans & plans page.

• Tap "Create new plan" to reach the list of available plans.
• Enter the plan name, number of weeks, event type, and select privacy options.
• You should also add a description to your plan to give a preview of what its about!

Scheduling daily plans

To actually schedule the daily plans to a training plan, tap the '+' button in the top right corner.

• Enter title, description, distance/time and date for the plan.
• Any athletes in the plan will get a notification that a new plan was added.
• It is highly recommend to schedule plans on the Web version of Trackster

Shifting the schedule

Plans have a start date that determines when the schedule begins.

• You can customize the start of a plan by clicking Copy on the Web version

• Or by tapping ••• in the top right of a plan
and selecting Change start date

Videos & files

The owner of a training plan can add videos & PDF files to the plan for additional help/information (like illustrating a core routine)

• Tap on the specific training plan from the 📅 tab
• Select 'Videos & files' to view the attachments
• If you're the owner, you can click '+ Create new'


Plans on Trackster can have a set price, and owners can receive payments directly to their bank account
(powered by Stripe )

• When a user attempts to join a plan that requires a payment, they are prompted to pay with a credit card
• Once payment is successful, the user can access the training plan and copy it to a custom start date.

Profile#back to top

The tab in the bottom right of the Trackster apps brings you to your profile. This shows all of your posts, routes, shoes results, all other information about your Trackster account.


Maintaining a quality Trackster profile can be important motivation to keep running and to continue logging runs. Any runs you log will show up front and center on your profile.

• You can click the "Edit Profile" button to set your profile picture, name, email, birthday, location, and cell # and BIO.


The gear button in the top right of your profile will open up the settings screen. Here you can do the following:

  • Configure your privacy settings to decide who can see you log posts and routes
  • Set a default shoe for posts
  • Switch app distance from MI to KM & vice-versa
  • Get help, sign out, & more

  • Verifying your Trackster Account

    Send an email to with your name verify your Trackster account! Verifying your account will give you a checkmark next to your profile picture, and it will push you to the top of recommended followers & more.

    Insights#back to top

    When posting your runs, Trackster creates real-time insights.

    • You can view visualizations of all your stats in the 📈 Insights page.
    • There is more data analysis in the pipeline for Trackster, so this is just the beginning.

    Personal Stats

    By default stats are pulled for the last 7 days. Start and end date can be changed by tapping them at the top.

    • View avg. effort level, consistency, totals, etc.
    • Also view stats about your shoes, routes & more.

    Team Stats

    Get a summarized look at your team's runs without having to look through each of their logs.

    • By tapping your team name from the insights main page, you get a consolidated look at total miles & daily averages of each athlete on your team, all in one place.
    • You can use a custom date range as well.
    • These stats being out there will encourage your teammates to log their runs too!


    From the insights page, tap the Leaderboard icon on the top right to see who's been training the hardest.

    • For this week or a custom date range, you can see who posted the most miles.
    • More stats to come here, too!


    Teams, coaches and runners can coordinates meets with Trackster. Upload videos, heat sheets, results + more

    Creating a Meet

    • Go to Personal Records from your profile
    • Tap '+ Create PR'
    • Enter details for your record breaking performance & upload any pics from the event

    Add teams to a Meet

    • Go to Personal Records from your profile
    • Tap '+ Create PR'
    • Enter details for your record breaking performance & upload any pics from the event

    Group runs

    On Trackster you can create, organie and join Group runs. This makes organizing running meet ups easy!

    Creating a Group run

    • Go to Calendar section on the mobile app
    • Tap '+ Create Group run'
    • Enter details for your the run you want people to meet up at!

    Personal Records

    Another part of a user profile and feature on Trackster is Personal Records. By archiving PRs you can view your progress and remember each one over time.

    Creating a PR

    • Go to Personal Records from your profile
    • Tap '+ Create PR'
    • Enter details for your record breaking performance & upload any pics from the event


    Results are an important feature on Trackster; create results for any workout, time trial or race-type effort.
    • Anything with splits and broken down times.
    • Then, attach results to your post so you do NOT have to include splits in your post description.

    Creating Results

    • Go to Results from your profile
    • Tap '+ Create Results'
    • Enter details for your workout, time trial or race-type session.
    • Include any other runners in the session so they do not have to also create the results.
    • Enter splits and overall times for reps.
    Finally, include your Results within a training post!


    All runners know that the routes they run are a crucial component of training.
    • With Trackster, you can easily draw out your Routes and save them for next time (and other people can re-use, like teammates).
    • When running with the GPS or Apple Watch features, Trackster will automatically save your Route.

    Creating a Route

    • Go to Routes from your profile
    • Tap '+ Create Route'
    • Begin drawing your route by tapping on the map
    • Go 'off-road' for parts of a route not on a street or path
    • Click 'Out&Back' to trace the route in reverse
    Finally, include your Route within a training post!


    Trackster makes it super easy to keep track of shoe mileage and show your brand/shoe loyalty.
    • Create & manage as many shoes as you want on your Trackster profile, with custom names.
    • Users can set default shoe in profile settings.

    Creating a Shoe

    • Go to Shoes from your profile
    • Tap '+ Create Shoe'
    • Search for the brand/type of shoe that you run with.
    • Enter a custom name for the model if you want
    • Enter a number of Current Mileage if the shoe has already been run in
    Finally, include your Shoe within a training post!

    Direct messages

    Using Trackster, athletes can easily send DMs from their profile. Group chats or 1-on-1 messages are supported!

    Messaging on Trackster

    Tap the ✉️ icon on the top left of your profile.

    • Here you will see any conversations that you are a part of
    • To create a new conversation, click 'Create convo' and select members.
    • Send GIFs, images and chat about running!!

    GPS Devices

    Trackster connects with Garmin, Polar and Apple Watch GPS devices. When running with these watches, you can automatically populate your training post with distance, time, elevation, heart rate, & much more!

    Connect to GARMIN

    To connect your GARMIN account, go to profile settings.

    • Tap the GARMIN row and enter your login credentials for your GARMIN account
    • Once connected, the last 30 days of GARMIN runs and all future activities will be selectable while creating a training post.

    Connect to POLAR

    To connect your POLAR account, go to profile settings.

    • Tap the POLAR row and enter your login credentials for your POLAR account
    • Once connected, future POLAR runs will be selectable while creating a training post.

    Connect to Apple Watch

    Go to the Watch app on your iPhone.

    • Search for Trackster in the AppStore, or select 'Install All' once you have the main Trackster app on your phone.

    Logging Runs with GARMIN/POLAR

    Once your account(s) are connected, Trackster will automatically receive your data. It might take a few minutes after you finish a run for it to show up, but you will recieve a notification when it does.

    • To add your GPS data to your log, create a new post as you would normally.
    • Below the post information, you will see an option to "Select GARMIN activity" or "Select "POLAR activity."
    • Tap the account and a list of runs from your GPS device recorded will appear.
    • Tap the activities you'd like to include and Submit your post!

    Logging Runs with Apple Watch

    Once you have the Trackster Apple Watch App, go for a run by clicking 'Start' and running!

    • When finished, click 'DONE' to send the run to the Trackster app.
    • Make sure your iPhone is open and nearby with Trackster open.
    • Do NOT Quit the run until you have successfully uploaded it!

    Running Form Help#back to top

    Even the best of runners can always make corrections to their form. And when they do, it helps them train harder, run faster, and prevent injuries. Visit to upload your videos and see what a professional running form Doctor says about your form.

    Pro Subscriptions#back to top

    The Main Idea

    Professional runners are seriously underpaid. Trackster is striving to grow the sport and help elite athletes make more money by selling access to their Trackster profiles.

    • By purchasing a subscription you are directly supporting an athlete's training and gaining access to priceless running data!
    • Want to become a Pro on Trackster? Email us!